sustanon steroid

Kaposi’s sarcoma in sustanon steroid patients without anamnestic indications of opportunistic infections, common renal cell carcinoma, metastatic malignant melanoma, melanoma following surgical resection in the absence of lymph node involvement and distant metastases.

Viral diseases:
– Chronic active hepatitis B in patients with markers of viral replication, that is positive polymerase or HBeAg and elevated alanine aminotransferase  without evidence of hepatic decompensation (Class A according to Child-Pugh);
– chronic active hepatitis C in adults with antibodies to hepatitis C virus, or in the serum and increase in alanine aminotransferase activity without evidence of hepatic decompensation (class A according to Child-Pugh); in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C is the optimal combination of the drug and ribavirin; sustanon steroid in combination with ribavirin is shown as not received prior therapy for patients and those who have previously responded to treatment with interferon alpha and then had a relapse after discontinuation;
– genital warts.

hypersensitivity to recombinant interferon alfa-2a or any component of the formulation.
Available or transferred severe heart disease (indicate direct cardiotoxic effects of the drug are available, but it is likely that acute, self-disappearing toxic effects (eg, fever, chills) frequently accompanying treatment , may exacerbate existing heart disease).
Severe renal dysfunction, liver and myeloid hematopoiesis.
Convulsive disorders and / or other violations of the central nervous system.
Chronic hepatitis with severe decompensation.
Chronic hepatitis in patients who are receiving or recently received immunosuppressive drugs, with the exception of short-term treatment with steroids.
Chronic sustanon steroid myelogenous leukemia, if the patient has an HLA-identical relative and he will, or can be an allogeneic bone marrow transplant in the near future.
Children under 3 years of age (as a preservative contains benzyl alcohol, which, reportedly, can lead to persistent disturbances in the neuro-psychic sphere and multi-organ failure).
Pregnancy during combination therapy with ribavirin (see. and instructions for medical use for ribavirin).

Dosing and Administration
Sustanon steroid administered subcutaneously (s / c).

Hairy Cell Leukemia Initial dose: 3 million IU daily for 16-24 weeks. When intolerance reduce the daily dose to 1.5 million IU, and / or reduce the dose frequency to three times a week. Maintenance dose: 3 million IU 3 times a week. When intolerance, reduce the dose to 1.5 million IU 3 times a week. Duration of treatment: in the absence of a positive effect after 6 months. therapy is stopped, and if the effect – treatment continued. The maximum duration of treatment was 20 months.


Myeloma initial dose: 3 MIU 3 times a week. Maintenance dose: depending on individual tolerability, the dose can be increased on a weekly basis until the maximum tolerated dose (9-18 MIU) 3 times a week. The duration of treatment: treatment by this scheme continued for a long time in the absence of disease progression or severe intolerance.


Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (KTKL) (18 years old)
The initial dose of 3 million IU / day, gradually increasing the dose to 18 million IU / day for 12 weeks under the scheme:
1-3 day – 3 million IU / day every day;
4 -6 day – 9 million IU / day every day,
7-84 day – 18 million IU / day every day.

Maintenance dose: the maximum tolerated dose (but not exceeding 18 million IU) three times a week. Duration of treatment: Duration of treatment to assess response to therapy should be at least 8 weeks, more preferably – 12 weeks; with a positive effect of treatment should be continued, in his absence – stop. The maximum duration of treatment was 40 months. Patients who respond well to treatment, it should be continued for at least 12 months. To maximize the probability of achieving full remission and increase the likelihood of long-term remission.

Partial remission is usually observed within 3 months. treatment, and complete – within 6 months, but sometimes in order to achieve the best effect requires 12 months.. therapy.

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