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Reducing the dose of interferon three times a week when used in combination with Avastin did not reduce the effectiveness of the combination therapy according to the indicators becsobytiynoy survival (see. Also on the use of Avastin instructions).

Sustanon 250 reviews effective for the treatment of patients with confirmed compensated (with no evidence of hepatic decompensation), hepatitis B and C.

Is effective for the treatment of patients with genital warts.

after subcutaneous or intramuscular administration, the bioavailability is greater than 80%. After subcutaneous dose 36 million IU maximum concentration in serum (from 1250 to 2320 pg / mL (mean 1730 pg / ml)) were achieved on average after 7.3 hours. After intramuscular dose of 36 million IU maximum concentration in serum (from 1500-2580 pg / mL (mean 2020 pg / ml)) were achieved on average after 3.8 hours.

In humans, the pharmacokinetics sustanon 250 reviews in doses ranging from 3 million to 198 million IU is linear. After intravenous infusion of 36 million IU healthy volunteers volume of distribution at steady state ranged from 0.22 to 0.75 l / kg (average 0.40 L / kg). In both healthy volunteers and patients with metastatic cancer large individual variations observed concentration of interferon alpha-2a serum.

Metabolism and elimination
The primary route of excretion of interferon alpha is renal catabolism.

Hepatic metabolism and excretion in the bile is a less significant way elimination. In healthy individuals the half-life of interferon alpha-2a after intravenous infusion of 36 MIU is 3.7-8.5 hours (mean 5.1 hours), a total clearance – 2.14-3.62 ml / min / kg (mean 2.79 ml / min / kg ).

Pharmacokinetics in special patient groups
After a single intramuscular injection of interferon alfa-2a in patients with disseminated cancer and chronic hepatitis B pharmacokinetic parameters are similar to those in healthy volunteers. After a single administration of doses up to 198 million IU observed a dose-dependent increase in the interferon alfa-2a serum concentrations. Distribution or elimination of interferon alfa-2a when administered twice daily (0.5-36 million IU), once per day (1-54 million IU) or 3 times a week (1-136 million IU) over 28 days are not changed.

Some patients with metastatic cancer intramuscular injection of interferon alfa-2a once or several times a day for up to 28 days resulted in an increase in the maximum serum concentrations 2-4 times compared with those after a single administration. However, multiple doses of any of the studied thus far dosing regimens did not alter the parameters of the distribution, or excretion of the drug.

Indications Tumours of the sustanon 250 reviews lymphatic system and the hematopoietic system: hairy cell leukemia, multiple myeloma, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, Ph- positive chronic myelogenous leukemia, myeloproliferative diseases with thrombocytosis, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, low-grade (as adjuvant therapy to chemotherapy (with / without radiotherapy) ).

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