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Hypersensitivity to buy sustanon 250, or any component of the drug history; allergy to yeast; pregnancy; autoimmune diseases, heart failure III century., pulmonary heart disease III century., metastatic brain damage, end-stage renal cell carcinoma.

The caution in patients with chronic renal failure, decompensated liver disease.

Dosing and dosing regimen

Administered 1 time per day subcutaneously or intravenously at 0.5 – 1.0 mg at intervals of 1 – 3 days for a course – 1-3 administration. For intravenous drug from a vial is transferred into 400 ml isotonic sodium chloride solution for injection. Infusion of the total volume of the solution is carried out drip for 4-6 hours. The solution of the drug should be clear, colorless and free from contamination.

Immunotherapy  is carried out after completion of the emergency and urgent surgical interventions aimed at addressing the life-threatening consequences of the underlying disease / injury, sanitation and adequate drainage of infectious focus.

In the treatment of severe sepsis spend from one to three courses Roncoleukin Ò . The course includes 2 / infusion at a dose of 0.5 mg every other day. The criterion for the appointment of the second and third year Roncoleukin Ò is continued during treatment lymphopenia (absolute and / or relative).

When newly diagnosed infiltrative destructive pulmonary tuberculosis – 3 / infusionbuy sustanon 250 at a dose of 0.5 mg every 48 hours on a background of a particular chemotherapy.

For preoperative preparation in progressive fibro-cavernous tuberculosis (RTP) light on the background of the specific chemotherapy:

in advanced FTC lungs with bilateral focal dissimination – 7 / in the introduction buy sustanon 250 : 3 introduction in the first week by 1 mg every 48 hours, then 1 mg twice a week for two weeks. The recommended course of immunotherapy should be completed within 7 – 10 days prior to surgery.

Appointment in pulmonary tuberculosis is impractical with a deficit of body weight more than 30%.

The course of treatment disseminated and locally advanced renal cell carcinoma forms include:

– Single s / c or i / v injection of the drug at a dose of 0.5 mg per 24 hours prior to surgery;

– Consisting of an 8-week course immunochemotherapy at 2.0 mg / in every other day for the first four weeks of treatment. Repeated courses through a 1 – 2 Months.

Children Roncoleukin Ò used intravenously. Application diagrams correspond to those in adults. The preparation is diluted in an isotonic sodium chloride solution for injection 0.9%. A single dose of the drug and the volume of isotonic solution in infants depends on age:

– From 0 to 1 month. – 0.1 mg per ml solution 30-50;

– 1 month. up to 1 year – 0.125 mg per 100 ml;

– From 1 to 7 years – 0.25 mg per 200 ml;

– 7 years of age – 0.5 mg per 200 ml;

– Over 14 years – 0.5 mg per 400 ml of solution.

Overdose symptoms, relief measures in overdose

Manifestations of overdose observed with a single  above 7 mg in the form of fever, cardiac arrhythmias, hypotension, dermatological allergic reactions. These side effects are stopped after the abolition of administration of the drug, symptomatic therapy if necessary.

Possible side effects

In some cases, the process of introducing may cause short-term chills and fever that stopped by conventional therapeutic agents and is not grounds for termination of administration, as well as the course of treatment. Subcutaneous injection of the drug observed local reactions – pain, induration, redness at the injection site.

Interaction with other drugs

Treatment with buy sustanon 250 can be combined with the treatment of all other drugs. When using Roncoleukin Ò on the background of long-term therapy with glucocorticoids activity of the drug can be reduced. Roncoleukin ® should not be mixed with other drugs in the same syringe or vial.

release Form

Solution for infusion and subcutaneous injection in ampoules of 1 ml in doses 1 mg of rIL-2 (1,000,000 ME), 0.5 mg of rIL-2 (500 000 ME) or 0.25 mg of rIL-2 (250 000 ME ) for 3 or 5 vials in a pack, in which the enclosed Instructions for use.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles

Special studies of the effect of the drug on the ability to drive and use sophisticated equipment was conducted. In case of adverse reactions on the part of the organ of vision and / or reduce the ability to focus and responsiveness to patients to refrain from driving vehicles or working with complex equipment to address these adverse reactions. zac efron steroids INDUJECT-250